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Aug 1, 2017

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Hamilton is becoming quite the beer hot spot! Thanks to Brewtrippers and a quickly formed beer swap over Twitter we're able to sample several beer treats from THE HAMMER.

Show Notes:

  • Our very first beer trade! Cheers to Sean and Jenn at Brewtrippers for swapping beers with us - we really enjoyed drinking some new to us beer from new to us breweries! If anyone else is interested in trading beers drop us a line at!
  • Beer trades have been happening forever, I guess it has it's own subculture.
  • We have great plans for this podcast not to mention plans to better the world, plans to take over the world.. all discussed after the podcast is finished recording.
  • Beer styles - what is a Grisette?
  • Mixed fermentation brewing has been a bit of a trend lately. Expect to hear more of that with other breweries soon.
  • Fairweather's bottle labels have the same stylings of this type of button up shirt.
  • Yeah, I think you want to sit, eat and drink at MERIT too!
  • These are Rockets and these are Smarties in Canada. 
  • What does rye contribute in beer?
  • Are flagships necessary anymore?
  • Don't forget your beer math: 1 barrel (bbl) = 1.17 hectoliters (hl) = 117 liters (l) = 344 bottles of beer = 195 Canadian pints

Beer List:


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