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Nov 28, 2016

You have no idea..

You have no idea..

Katy (@klwatts) invited Shane and Rob from Beyond the Pale Brewing Company (@btpbrewing) to her apartment to record a podcast. Little did she know what she was getting into..

Show Notes:

  • I sometimes wonder how I get all of these people to come into my apartment. Oh right, beer.
  • A beer a day for 41 years - that's job security.
  • It's true, the hotel I stayed at in Mexico did blow up.
  • Gainsbourg is a brewpub in Gatineau that JB used to brew at. It was known to serve some fantastic beers. I've heard mixed reviews recently.
  • The amount of beer delivery options available in the United States is staggering. 
  • I am now actively trying to sabotage Beyond the Pale's opening at City Center.
  • Huh, summer 2015 ehhhhhhhhh?
  • But anyway, murals at breweries are a thing I guess (although these are from breweries who are actually open).
  • Sour beers are trending, along with Beyond the Pale's Hamilton location going a bit funky Ottawa has a new brewer that's exclusively brewing sour (Small Pony Barrel Works).
  • In case you didn't see the 'Gose Island' label.
  • In case you didn't know who Gary Glitter is.
  • "There's only so much beer you can drink. Drink all the best ones!" - Shane Clark
  • Beyond the Pale's 4th Birthday Party is December 3rd and tickets are still available!


  • Aromatherapy
  • Juicy Dream
  • Pink Funk
  • My Bourbon Milkshake
  • Saison Tropicale


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