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Mar 12, 2016


Katy (@klwatts) is joined by Brian (@bryehndotnet) and Chuck (@varxint) to sample seven (yes, seven!) ciders available in the LCBO. The word of the podcast is, varietals.

Cider List:

  • Strongbow - Bulmers Cider (Heineken UK)
  • Small Batch Cider - Magnotta Winery
  • Batch: 1904 - Brickworks Ciderhouse
  • Pommies Farmhouse Cider - Southern Cliff Brands
  • Waupoo's Premium Cider - County Cider Company
  • Savanna Premium Cider- Distell
  • 401 Dry Cider - 401 Cider Brewery


Katy Watts
Katy Watts Brian Papineau
Brian Papineau Chuck Thibert
Chuck Thibert