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Oct 27, 2016



Katy (@klwatts) is joined by Chuck Thibert (@varxint) and Grant Dingwall of (@FreeMyBooze) to chat about the privatization of the LCBO.

Show Notes:

  • Support the podcast by becoming a 613BeerCast Patreon - even a donation of $1 a month helps keep the podcast going.
  • Remember, it's and nothing else.
  • The commercial Grant is talking about: Alcohol in our convenience stores? It's just not right for kids.
  • It's true, Martin Regg Cohn has a lot to say on the topic of beer and marijuana sales in the Toronto Star.
  • Do you have your liquor permit book?
  • For those wondering what the beer ombudsman would be doing anyway..
  • I can always find an excuse to have a beer.
  • Apparently the LCBO Food & Drink magazines is released six times a year!
  • That promise by Mac's Convenience was back in 2013.
  • We've talked about LCBO submissions before on our podcasts with Covered Bridge Brewing Company and Brown Van Brewing.
  • The Beer Store's ad drives people to craft beer diversity.
  • Who owns The Beer Store?
  • Free My Booze - The Quebec Beer Run.
  • Those green cans, let me tell you..
  • The beer trifecta of College Square.
  • Gimme the beer whales bro.
  • I love this happy monk!


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