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Jul 18, 2016

If I'm going to be a thumb model, I'm going to need to get manicures!

If I'm going to be a thumb model, I'm going to need to get manicures!

Katy (@klwatts) is joined by Chuck (@varxint) and April (@AThibert) to chat about social media and how breweries are using it (or not using it) to promote their brewery and build a community.

Show Notes:

  • We're not social media experts, but we play them on podcasts.
  • How does beer get canned (weird, the beer they're canning in that video is Farmer Daughter from a brewery that isn't Whitewater)? Bonus video - from the can's perspective.
  • If I wanted to smell like beer I would buy the perfume!
  • What is your definition of social media? Tweet it to me - @613Beer!
  • I tried going on the Flying Monkey's website to get more information on Mythology for the show notes and couldn't deal with the music. I will let you research this beer yourself.
  • Beer Menus is a great tool to tell brewery and restaurant/bar customers what beers are available in what format/price. Best part? Beer fans can follow specific breweries/bars for updates (example: Beyond the Pale).
  • Have you joined the Beau's Army?
  • Who are these mystery breweries?!
  • ROI on social media can be calculated with aggressive use of goals, analytical tools and a smart community manager. That said, it would still be hard to put a rate of return on a social media investment.
  • Do you have the t-shirt?
  • If you're a nerd like me, you might enjoy the Ontario Craft Brewers Tech Talk series.
  • Are you on Untappd? Dude! Follow me - klwatts.
  • For the data nerd, you can get more Untappd statistics if you become a supporter.
  • April hosts #ONBeerChat on Tuesday's at 8pm on Twitter, BTW.
  • You are not too old to old for SnapChat - join me, it's super fun!
  • This is one of my favourite SnapChat stories that I've shared.

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