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May 14, 2016

This is a very old photo of Kichesippi Beer Company.

This is a very old photo of Kichesippi Beer Company.

Kichesippi Beer Company just celebrated their 6th Anniversary! Katy (@klwatts) and April (@AThibert) sat down with Paul Meek (@paulmeek613), Co-Owner of Kichesippi Beer Company and chatted about his experiences in beer.

Show Notes:

  • One of Paul's first craft beer experiences was Granite Brewery in Halifax (yes, there is a Granite Brewery in Toronto that was opened by a sibling of the original Halifax brewery).
  • The Alexander Keith's 'tourism' brewery is the original brewery where actors take you through a tour in period costumes and do a historical reenactment - it's actually pretty fun.
  • The cans versus bottles debate (cans are better).
  • Why do people choose to move to Ottawa?
  • Kelly, Paul's wife (and Co-Owner of Kichesippi Beer Company) was diagnosed with mitochondrial myopathy and now uses an electric wheelchair.
  • Ottawa loves snow - RIGHT?!
  • Thank you McClelland Premium Imports and Paul for introducing me to Erdinger and so many other yummy beers.
  • You should pour your weisse beers a certain beer - here's how! Go buy one and try it.
  • Do you remember Heritage Brewing and their brands (Sgt Major's, Corporal Punishment..)
  • Many other breweries make craft sodas - Propeller, Nickel Brook
  • There were many great parties had at the brewery and it sounds like there will be more in the future!
  • The famous LCBO Store 10 (Summerhill) fit with tasting bar and growler station.

Beer List:

  • Alexander's Keith's India Pale Ale - Alexander Keith's
  • Erdinger Weissbier from Erdinger Weissbräu
  • Kichesippi Natural Blonde from Kichesippi Beer Company
  • Ginger Beer from Harvey & Vern's (soda)
  • Radler from Kichesippi Beer Company


Katy Watts
Katy Watts April Thibert
April Thibert Paul Meek
Paul Meek