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Apr 30, 2016

333 Export from Vietnam
333 Export from Vietnam beer-lao-gold-edit.jpg

Katy is joined by April Thibert (@AThibert) and Chuck Thibert (@varxint) to talk about her recent trip to Southeast Asia and enjoy some drinkable souvenirs.

Show Notes:

  • Vietnam's famous Bia Hoi (fresh beer).
  • Do you plan vacations around beer?
  • Khao Kai Noy rice?
  • Are breweries tourist destinations?
  • Each country has it's own beer culture!
  • Sawdust City's FunkFest Sour Beer Festival - July 2nd, 2016 (Gravehurst, Ontario)

Beer List:

  • 333 Premium Export Beer - Saigon Beer Company (Vietnam)
  • Beerlao Gold - Lao Brewery Co. (Laos)
  • Dunkel - Kingdom Breweries (Cambodia)
  • Beerlao Dark - Lao Brewery Co. (Laos)
  • Chocolate - Kingdom Breweries (Cambodia)
  • Angkor Extra Stout - Cambrew / Angkor Brewery (Cambodia)


Katy Watts
Katy Watts April Thibert
April Thibert Chuck Thibert
Chuck Thibert