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Jul 24, 2017

Fariborz and Laura Behzadi opened Bicycle Craft Brewery on Industrial Avenue in September 2014. Their flagship, Velocipede IPA, is offered at select Ottawa-area LCBO's. They are currently undergoing a never ending expansion that has included acquiring additional fermentors, brite tanks and canning equipment.

Show Notes:

  • We invested in the podcast and bought another microphone. Upside, we can have four people on the show at a time. Downside, Chuck and Katy now have to sit on the same side of the table.
  • Gravity refers to the specific gravity, or relative density relative to water. Before yeast is added to wort (unfermented beer) it has a high original gravity (high sugar content). When yeast is added and the beer starts fermenting the yeast converts sugar to carbon dioxide and ethanol thereby reducing the gravity. A beer's alcohol percentage can be measured by a calculation from the original gravity and final gravity.
  • John Palmer's website, How to Brew, has been a resource for brewer's since it launched in 1999.
  • Matcha is a finely ground powder of specialty grown and processed tea.
  • As Fariborz and Laura were setting up the brewery they purchased a system from DME Brewing Solutions which was similar to BarNone Brewery. They were invited to visit the Prince Edward Island Brewery to do a collaboration brew and get used to the system.
  • Oh those delicious 'C' hops in Velocipede IPA.
  • Bicycle Craft Brewery updated their logo on May 25, 2017 - old / new.
  • Let's remember our beer math: 1 barrel (bbl) =  1.17 hectoliters (hl) = 117 liters (l).
  • What is a Milkshake IPA?
  • Looking to get more experience in a brewery? Check out this listing of beer jobs!

Beer List:


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Katana Lemon Matcha from Bicycle Craft Brewery
Velocipede IPA from Bicycle Craft Brewery
On the Lam from Bicycle Craft Brewery
Peach Mango Milkshake IPA from Bicycle Craft Brewery