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Dec 5, 2016

Katy (@klwatts) is joined by Chuck Thibert (@varxint) and Dan Beaudoin to chat about Brasserie Étienne Brûlé (@brasserieeb) and what made him make the big move from Toronto to Embrun to brew beer!

Show Notes:

  • Just in case you need more information about who Étienne Brûlé is (isn't it nice that you get a history lesson with your beer?).
  • I will admit I have a domain registering addiction and it took all of my will power not to stop the podcast and register those domains.
  • Ecocert is a Canadian organization that certifies organic producers, processors and distributors. It's pretty rigorous; to be certified you have to be audited yearly and there are surprise audits.
  • I think the restaurant that Dan is talking about is Pure Kitchen Ottawa.
  • Dan is putting me through my paces this episode. Biofine Clear is a fining agent that helps clarify beer. Unlike gelatin or isinglass (made of fish bladders), Biofine Clear is vegan friendly. If you are into reading about fining agents and whether its vegan-ness has any affect on taste (spoiler: it doesn't) you can read this interesting exbeeriment.
  • The Windsor is a local tavern in Vankleek Hill. Well known to be a hangout for the Beau's crowd and host to great bands and even better after parties.
  • There website now (kind of) works, although it's mostly a showcase of instagram photos.
  • Dan is referencing /r/TheBrewery and
  • We've talked about Cask Days before on the show. It truly is something that every beer fan has to experience at least once (or yearly).
  • Oh those long German words, so hard to pronounce.
  • Here's more information on how taxation has affected the Japanese beer industry - it's fairly interesting.
  • Watch out! Dan is going to convert all of Embrun to craft beer - and that's great!
  • Be fancy and serve your lambics using a basket!
  • Things I will work on - not saying "really good" as a beer description on the podcast.


  • Vagabond (Blonde Ale)
  • L'embrunoise (Witbier)
  • Bohemien De Notre-Dame (Czech Pilsner)
  • Citrale (American IPA)
  • 5W30 (American Stout)
  • La Combattante (Saison)


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